My Poor Eyes

I love my job. But it hurts my poor little eyes so much…and my head too…I’m up to 20 hours on the computer in the past three days. Ouch.

I’ve finished making the site Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (the site I mentioned in my previous post). I’m currently working on creating a script that will allow them to handle the businesses directory on their own, online, without needing to edit manually and upload with FTP. I have, up to now or will be making:

  • Add, edit or delete business through simple forms
  • Link each business to its profile, unless the business has a website, in which case its name will be linked there
  • Sort businesses by city and by “secteur”
  • Search businesses by name or by keyword
  • Profiles for each business with name, owner, phone and fax numbers, address, email and activities / services

I think I might eventually modify the script a bit to publish it, after which I will probably be spending my time making scripts because I discovered how much fun it can be. There are many scripts I’d love to write: a joined fanlisting script, rather complicated, with image and text links as well as unlinked fanlistings all on the same page, a playlist script, a link directory script, a comments script for my subpages (will be working on this one before the others), and maybe more.


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