Did I Say ‘Return’?

Alright, I’m not so much coming back. I will eventually be there again, post often random babbling about how I broke my nail or bought a new tooth brush. For the moment, though, I’m in search for myself. I know damn well I’m sitting on this uncomfortable and rather ugly green chair, but I’m not sure of much other things about myself. I will be starting university and it would be fun if I was actually certain of what I want to do later in my life.

I used to be sure. I wanted to write screenplays. I have lots of stories awaiting being worked on, finished and sent to a movie producer. But I’m not completing them because I have lost my inspiration. I spend most of my time playing stupid flash games and thinking about V. I just had a chat with him – he finally decided to come here to see me – and he made me realize I don’t really know what I want in life. Or perhaps I know, but I just can’t figure out how to achieve my goals. I just need time to think about me and accept that, even once I will have found what I want, it doesn’t mean I will have it immediately.


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