My Return

I haven’t been dead, on vacation or anything. I was on this goddamn black and silver machine for as many hours as before. Last Saturday, I learned that V is going out with the girl he loves. It completely…broke me. It was just too much for me to take, and I went in a depressive phase. I didn’t feel like posting another of those the-world-is-dark entries, so I simply pulled back from this site, as well as some message boards I used to visit every day, and I started playing stupid flash games endlessly.

I had very dark thoughts, and very dark dreams. And the person who pulled me back from these wasn’t my own little broken self, but V himself, telling me of his own past as a down person and of how he had gotten over it. So here I am, still a bit shaken, still jealous, still a bit sad, but alive and with uncut veins. I don’t have much to say, apart from thanking him again (I already thanked him in real life and he doesn’t read my blog, but who cares?) for listening to me complaining all the fucking time.


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