Am I getting a life?

Actually, I believe I am, to a certain extent. My psychoeducator has made me reduce my time on the computer and wants me to get a job. This second part isn’t exactly easy. Everyone wants someone to be a salesperson or something like this. I suck majorly at this type of job. Of course, it’s better for me to get a job where I have to interact with people, but it’s not a reason to do something I’m not even able to do.

I’m still working on the revamping of this site. I have a lot of content done, but I still have a lot more to do. Spending less time on the computer doesn’t help.

I have dermatitis (skin inflammation), which is quite unpleasant. I blame it on my nervosity, due to my therapy, my moving to Montreal in early September and my lack of seeing V and Marie. I just searched Google for it and I find mine to be actually quite pretty.


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