I just upgraded to WordPress or maybe a little less zeros?

I am not doing a lot of updates because I am working on redoing the content entirely, mostly my writings and the section about me. I’m also waisting a lot of time redoing my fanlistings with 75×50 buttons. I still have over 1200 to do. Yay me.

I’m going to apply for some more fanlistings. Over 200 of those I have joined are now inexistent. I’m not going to make all of them, of course, but still some.

I also need money. The problem is, to get money, you need a job. I thought I could sell drugs, but that would require me to work along with other people, which I wish I could avoid.

Edit. I am looking at very old websites of mine that no longer are online or have never been — the latter being quite comforting — and I found my very old tutorial site, never uploaded, that looks like crap because everything is so pale and unreadable. I found a little quote that traumatized me for the rest of my life. I once have written:

Then open a new Internet window (Explorer is WAY better than Netscape).


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