I feel loved

Thanks to “Visitor” for the comment on my writing style. I feel special now.

It’s a lovely sunny and damn hot day, but I’m stuck inside for now until about 3, where my friend should normally finally arrive so we can go out for a walk. In the meantime, I’m here sweating on a computer beside that 30-something guy who can’t help dragging me and telling me that oh my god I type sooo fast.

Whenever I go on the computer in school, to wisely pretend I am doing my homework, I see that my layout seems to be quite off in the 800×600 Internet Explorer that my school has. But I realize the problem mustn’t be myself. Jem (with a previous layout) and Jim‘s websites, at least, seem to have the same problem. There is space on the right for the sidebar, but the sidebar in itself is moved way down the page, below the content area. The problem, for me, seems to be only in the pages with the WordPress header.

I’m finishing school tomorrow, which in one way makes me happy. In another way, however, I know that this means I might not see V again for a very, very long time. I finally got to talk to him after about two weeks of failed attempts. I told him that Camille, a friend of mine, asked me how much I loved him and my replied pretty much meant “a lot”. I also told him I was ready to wait for a very long time. He said that he could wait too – he loves another girl, or so he says – and that he needs to sort things out in his head. He does indeed look confused…He doesn’t know what he’ll do for a living. He applied to study in order to become a pilot, but hasn’t gotten a reply yet. I’m uncertain as of whether I want him to go or not. If he goes, I lose him because he’s in a city where I have no reason whatsoever to go, and if he stays I lose him because he’s staying close to this goddamn girl whom, by the way, has a boyfriend.


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