What’s up with me?

Indeed, what’s up with me to talk about “the” attacks of September 11, 2001? Well, social psychology.

I don’t dance around at the tought of US citizens (see below for my unuse of the word “Americans”) dying. But I need to mention my – certainly controversial – opinion concerning the sentence that was recently given to I-can’t-remember-his-name (Massaoui or something like that). I have never been for death penalty and doubt I will ever be. I find totally legitimate to kill your assailant if you are attacked, but not for “justice” to kill people. This, however, is quite something. Why? Because trapping someone and keeping this person from having social contacts is a good way of increasing the person’s agressivity.

Which brings me to: yes, I am totally against George Bush. Not because it’s so kewl to be against him, but because he plainly sucks. I will admit that a good part of my disagreement with him lies within our respective beliefs. He is a strong protestant, very right-wing, whereas I am a satanist. However, I could not be angry at the thought of a man who would just do his job, not minding my business and that of the world, if the man in question was just a small businessman or something like that. But Bush is leader of the USA. A country that, in 2006, will have spent approximately 419 billions of dollars for a war. I will not start spreading out on the subject of war, because it angers me. “Oh, but the USA are also giving money to international help”. Let’s see…in…Saudi Arabia…Irak…Israel…Why? Because these countries so much need help to develop. (end of sarcasm)

Concerning the term “Americans”: the use of this term to refer to the inhabitants of the United States insults me. I live in America, too. America is a continent. It spreads from Canada and Greenland to Chile and Argentina. It has a population of over 700 millions of people. It includes several countries (Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Venezula, Brazil, and so on), many of which are democracies, and one of which is socialist. Therefore, the term “Americans” refers to the people living in this continent. When I say I am American, it’s because I come from America, not the United States.


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