Sunday Rantings

My Adobe Photoshop started being a bitch some time ago. I open it, it does its little intro, and then it shuts down. So I installed Adobe Photoshop CS. It worked fine. Today, I opened it. It opened fine. But it completely refuses to open any damn file. When I try creating a new one, it shows the popup where you can choose the size and all that stuff, and when I hit OK, the popup closes but there is no blank file. It better work or I…curse.

Yesterday I had a meeting with this guy to make a homework. He arrived 30 fucking minutes late. We said we were going to work on it again today, via MSN. Guess who’s not connected?

I really need to get all of my poems back online. I really need to find a comment script. I need something simple and that validates, something that you just add to the bottom of your page so people can comment on it. I used to have something similar but it opened in popups and was not customizable.


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