I’m messing around with the site so things can look weird, mostly with headers being screwed up. It should be completely fixed within the next three years.

I’ve been making lots of 75×50 fanlisting buttons because it seems like the only thing that doesn’t bore me these days.

I’ve seen Karl the other day. I felt my legs become weak and I felt bizarre myself. I told V. about it (because I’m stupid like that) and he said that then I had not forgotten him. I wonder what he (V.) thought about it. I wonder whether it was a good idea to tell him about it…

I’ve once again screwed up my Bellabook installation. This once, though, I know that problems could be caused by me forgetting to CHMOD the txt files…

Speaking of scripts, all PHPFanBase users should read this post for their own good. And, speaking of PHPFanBase, I found out that PixelFX is redistributing both PHPFanBase and PHPFanBase Cliques without permission. I contacted the owners of CodeGrrl. While I’m not going to spread on the topic of PixelFX, I urge everyone not to download scripts from another place than the original source. PHPFanBase was found to have several security holes that are not fixed in the version provided by Emily. Downloading from the original source will ensure you to find updates when they are needed, download the latest version and be able to give feedback to the creators.


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