This is a title

April 2006. I’m still alive, surprisingly. I have not had such dark thoughts in a while, but I have often not thought I would make it to that month. Alright, not that month in particular, but you get what I mean. I’m actually surprised at the moment at how much I like writing now.

So, what’s up with me? V. Yes, another one, because I’m like that. I’m an unstable bitch. But damn it, he’s amazing. And, of course, in love with another girl, because I just couldn’t get myself someone.

I’m rather bored at this site. Why do I even own it? I can’t figure out a way I’d like it to be designed. Maybe I could take some photographs, but it’s so damn ugly outside I’d rather have no images at all than a picture of that.

I spent most of the past couple of months taking care of my fanlistings, both joined and owned. They seem, along with watching Buffy, to be my only pastime now. I just got bored of everything else. So I sit down on my ass and organize, count, remove, update, add fanlistings while listening to music. Wonderful, huh? So much to talk about.

I believe I will write new articles soon. It would do the site some good.


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