Quite Good

I’m feeling quite good these days — even at home.

I went to the hospital I don’t remember when and got an appointment for this morning at 8:30. I went, of course, and everything went pretty well. I was talking with a male psychiatric nurse, because making me see a real psychiatrist now would be way too fast.

I was actually able to tell him my other world, of which only Marie-Claude knows.

I got my hair cut but, of course, I only have crappy web cam pictures at the moment. I quite like how it turned out. They’re shorter than they’ve been for years, which is a good change. And, for once, I actually had people notice it when I arrived in school. Not just someone looking at me weird, but two people telling me about it. Incredible.

I believe I fixed my guestbook getting spam. As Jem advised, I re-downloaded BellaBook because there might have been a bug somewhere. I had blocked words, but there were messages containing them being posted.

I have started in late January joining my fanlistings for real — that is, sending a joined form. It’s taking quite long. I’ve already successfully done about 1400 of them. Still 2000 to go, yay me!


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