Not Exactly Fine

My obsession compulsion has increased. It worries me. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow. As I’m going to Val-d’Or, I have to get my card done and fill out a form before they can decide how “urgent” my “case” is.

I also realized that, as the doctor said, taking the pill continuously will not interrupt my period immediately. And will not decrease the pain much.

I was able to get my schedule change, which is a really great thing:

11 to noon: Philosophy
12:30 to 2:20: “Démarche et intégration”
2:30 to 5:20: Philosophy

8:10 to 10: Paraliterature
10:10 to 12: Training
3:30 to 5:20: Social Psychology

8:10 to 11: Economics and Development
11:10 to noon: Social Psychology
1:30 to 3:20: Paraliterature

12:30 to 3:20: Cinema and Culture


“Démarche et Intégration” is a class in which we come back on everything we have seen in previous classes.


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