I don’t want to hear “bizarrism” is not a word. It feels like one and I won’t bother searching somewhere to see if it does exist.

I feel…some things…that are abnormal. Desires…Which I prefer not to elaborate.

I’m not exactly a very…active person at the moment. Not that I don’t exercise, just that I do the same damn things all the time.

I need to change a couple of things around the site so that the WordPress archives, calendar, etc. don’t disappear when not viewing the index/posts/categories.

I spent an awful lot of time on fanlistings during my life. Recently it has gotten quite…serious…I have started re-doing completely my joined fanlistings page, without a database or script of any form. That’s crazy.

I’m bored to death. No school before Wedesnday. The staff has done too many strikes so we had two weeks off, then exams on the 4th, 5th and 6th of January, then two more weeks off. Now I’m actually looking forward to going back to school so I can get to see some people. “Some people” is rather aimed at certain ones rather than a generic term.

I started working on some “secret” projects of mine, but I always get bored before finishing them. I know I need to spend less time on the computer, but it just seems like the rest of life is even more boring.

Edit: I need to change the margin between these paragraphs.


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