Functions and Link Section

I was having fun and I figured out in a time that impressed me a totally pointless thing that isn’t really shorter than actually typing <img src="images/smilies/name.gif" alt="emotion" />. But figuring things out on your own in a short time is always fun.

function smilie($emo, $emo2) {
echo "<img src=\"images/smilies/$emo\" alt=\"$emo2\" />";

Preceeded by variables defining the value of each emoticon. For example $happy = “smile.gif”. Then, if you wish to echo the smilie:

<?smilie($happy, ":)")?>

Which turns out to work very well: . It didn’t take long to define a “smilie” function. What was long was figuring out a way for each smilie to
have an alternative text. Note: “long” as in 10 seconds.

Got bored as hell (before having “function fun”).

Read: I updated/revamped/cleaned three categories in the links section.

  • 1 link added
  • 8 broken links removed
  • 7 links removed because I no longer want to link the sites
  • 4 URL updated or fixed
  • description of all links added or corrected
  • link count removed
  • changed the category or subcategory of several links

Note: this article dates from before I used WordPress. It has not been verified for correct spelling, broken links, etc.


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