Since I am getting hits from Lavish, I thought it would be appropriate to post this here.

Why in the world have I been banned? I’m asking, seriously. I have nothing against anyone at Lavish — or on any message board I’ve been too — and, were I unable to get along with any of them, I would simply ignore the concerned person.

It appears I replied something to the owner of that made me worthy of banning. Well, I apologize to whomever it concerns. I don’t even know who’s that girl. All I know is that she seems to be having troubles with various people online. It doesn’t concern me.

But that doesn’t help me figure out why I have been banned. I cannot remember posting anything that was mean to anyone. I was down and frustrated this weekend but I can hold my tongue.

Anyone who knows me from whatever message board knows that, as soon as there is drama or even a plain argument, I pull back, even when I start the discussion. It thus seems very unlikely to me that I might have pissed anyone off. If I did, I apologize again.

Now I’m wondering why I keep apologizing when I don’t even know what I need to apologize for. So I’m even going to give my email address in case anyone is bothered to actually explain me what happened: julydesiles at yahoo dot fr. I doubt that not writing it completely will prevent spam, as I already get many such messages there, but we never know. I’m also not giving a form because all those I tried didn’t work on funpic.


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