Upcoming Changes

Here is a list of what still needs to be changed. Some of these things need to be done before I find a new host, others not.

  • Tutorials are down for revamping. I need to re-word them and make them easier to understand.
  • The button wall needs updating. I have to delete some links and add others so the page will be more accurate of the sites I visit regularly.
  • Some coding needs to be cleaned. I still have some confusion between various stages of my coding and I need to make everything compliant to XHTML Strict.
  • More writings have to be added, including my poetry. There are short stories I have written over the years that have to be added.
  • The blog needs a comment system. I will probably be using WordPress but, for that, I want to wait until I have a host.
  • Subpages need a comment system. I will try and find something other than WordPress that would allow me to add a comment script at the bottom of each subpage where it would be accurate to have one, such as writings and tutorials.
  • The Are You Like Me? Quiz needs to be completed. I also need to find a script that would make it actually work as at the moment I have no way for the form to be emailed to me.
  • I need to make my photo gallery.
  • I have to clean the coding of the “wanted” pages so they will be in list form. I also need to complete the Wanted Fanlistings page.
  • I have to add “related links” at the bottom of pages where it would be accurate to have some, such as tutorials.

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