Still Got A Life

I put the new layout up yesterday. I’m really happy about it. 🙂

I added two new poems (“Mountain” and “Waist”).

I’m sick and tired of this “Fluffy Crew” on PTL. They are annoying. I’m sure they’re proud I mentioned them on my blog. There’s no reason for them to be. There’s no pride in being hated. There’s no pride in having everyone want you to be gone. And I don’t give a shit about how you actually call yourself.

Moving on to subjects that interest me more. I’m starting school tomorrow. I only have two hours, and I wouldn’t be amazed at all if we finished earlier. The thing is, the girl with whom I usually ride to school and back doesn’t finish before 5:20 P.M. and I will finished at 10:00A.M. so either I wait, either I find myself another ride. I hope to get some chat with some people I haven’t seen in a while (i.e. Marie) but well…7 hours? Eww..

Sophie, my sister, tried making me highlights yesterday but it messed up because we didn’t wait long enough. It said 30 minutes but the highlights on the top didn’t work while those on the bottom layer did, so we guessed it was because of the time. I’ll buy new stuff tomorrow and we’ll start over.

I read in the newspapers that rats can give a mortal fever. As my mom learned it and I’m not that crazy, I’m going to wear gloves from now on to feed them, take them and change their litter. That really sucks. In my opinion, I would already be sick if they could actually have given me anything, but I’d rather not take the risk.

I found a host for my fanlistings. I’m so happy! No more Geocities for me!

I would love to get WordPress but well…We’ll see later. I’ll try and find some other remotely-hosted comment script.


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