I updated a few fanlisting URLs. I fixed the images for Places, Relationships: Book & Movies and Relationships: TV. A little bit of history repeating.

I had English this morning. A few weeks ago, the three members of the local hockey team who are in my class came to sit with me. We had an exam this morning so we had to sit a maximum of three per table. There was a already a girl sitting at our table when I got it so I sat at a different place (but at the same table). A player got in and sat with me, at his usual place. When the teacher saw us, she said “Oh, Julie, you’re squashed in the corner!” (aka the guy is quite big). Another player wanted to sit on my other side and the teacher told him he couldn’t, so he replied “I want to squash Julie too.” That had me laugh. Oh well…I’m getting used to his stupid sayings 😉

Now I should be working on my work for Economy so I’ll do it now.


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