Still unable to log in after all this time. I just emailed Pandora about this problem and also problems I have with my Flinx (says it can’t upload the file and, worse, says there’s no link found when I try to modify/delete a link). I needed to blog anyway.

I spoke with Maxime on the last Saturday we were in Cuba – the day on which we were leaving. He was very nice to me and said he liked me as a friend. I told him many things I don’t want to repeat and will not, no matter what anyone could ask me – supposing someone will ever visit this site again.

I need to work on the content. Problems in my personal life, the trip to Cuba and the exams at the end of the year surely didn’t help, but I spent a lot of time on Internet which I could have used for the content, but my obsession for fanlistings has grown to a nearly un-controllable point. I guess I am just doomed to e

[host problems must have caused the rest of the entry to disappear.]


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