It’s Mother’s Day soon. I went with six boys from Secondary 5 to shop in Val d’Or. It was really fun I bought something for toothbrushes and a soap distributer, fitting together.

I’m out of ideas for my blog so…

Daily Dirt
1. Do you believe that a guy and a girl can be just friends? Yes, sure. I had many male friends.
2. Do you have more guy friends than girl friends? Girls.
3. Do you get along better with guys or girls? It really depends on the person him/herself.
4. Have you ever fallen for a friend? Yes.
5. Is your best friend a guy or a girl? I guess I have to say girl, but I couldn’t really say ‘This is my
best friend’ and being completely sure it is.

Blogger Seeds
What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?
I like a very wide variety of music, from pop to metal, including punk, pop punk, rock…I cannot say I prefer one genre or another, as it truly
depends on my mood. Sometimes I will prefer pop, other times metal, and so on.

Nothing interesting on Friday, above all since has closed. So I will do them for the rest of the week (whatever I found

Chick Chat
1. Ketchup or Mustard?: Ketchup
2. Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate (with vanilla it’s even better)
3. Blue Eyes or Brown?: blue eyes
4. Cotton or Satin?: satin for the beauty, cotton for the comfort
5. Winter or Summer?: summer

Magic 8 Ball
Are you good in school?
Yes definitely

Will George Bush lose the next elections?
Signs point to yes

Are you a girl?
It is decidedly so

Will you ever get married?
Most likely

Tuesday Twosome
1. Do you prefer: Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
2. Do you prefer: Magazines or books? Books
3. Do you prefer: Biography or autobiography? Mmm…Both are great and I really couldn’t make a choice. I
haven’t read enough of either to really say I prefer one.
4. Name your two favorite books: The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Talisman by
Stephen King & Peter Straub.
5. Name two books you haven’t read, but plan to: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King & Let’s Say This
Is Another Book.

Thursday’s Tattle
How many if any children do you have? None.
What are you doing for Mother’s Day? My sisters are coming home and we will celebrate here. Just a nice
What are you planning on giving your own Mother for Mother’s Day? I have already bought her something to
hold toothbrushes and a soap distrubutor.
Do you get the day off on Mother’s Day or do you still have to do the regular routine? I don’t really
know…It’s no so different from any other celebration.
Describe your most memorable Mother’s Day yet I cannot think of any.

How fun. I just realized that in the previous blog/update, I had just written ‘I am in a very period of my life’. Like you didn’t already know…


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