Fanlistings and Avon

I am currently checking every single link in my fanlistings section. It’s real long to do…I’m happy though because up to now I have found very few broken links, most of which are still listed on as I have them in Flinx, which means I didn’t update them because hasn’t yet published their information. Anyway, I know what I mean and this is what truly matters because, anyway, who the fuck reads that blog?

Avon. The biggest forum drama ever. I posted this too long post, which is, I guess, a good summary of how I feel.

How about things going well for me? Wouldn’t that be great? I love him. I really do. And he just behaves like a…a friend. I want him to love me. But that’s not enough. I want him to tell me. Simple as that. I just need his love for real. I truly need it. Just a good hug to make me feel alright.

On a less supa-romantic note, I need to do that content. I have lyrics pages to convert to , tutorials to write…Writing that just reminded me to move the tagboard to another page so it wouldn’t slow down my whole site.


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