Ankle Pain

Trying to convert the site into PHP…It’s hard because you can’t view PHP without uploading it and it’s really long because the file is huge. I think I’ve once read you could read it without uploading, but I’m not sure? Anyways…it’s annoying to have to delete a space and then upload it and you are sure it’s all fine and…tadam! error on line 2689. Fortunately, I am using a program that shows the line numbers 😉 If I don’t get it to work, I’ll ask for help on Avon. sigh. It’s been working, then I had the bright idea to change something. Another sigh…I believe now it should work fine. We’ll see.

I went to see a naturosomethinger today because my ankles – and it often goes up to the knees – are painful these days. He said the bows under my feet weren’t equal on both and that’s why I had these problems. He said it might also be the cause of the pains I have in my back and neck as well as my insomnia. It would be so great if I could get rid of all that stuff 😀 I might have to wear special shoes .

Julie wanted new feet @ 9:37 P.M. on April 1st 2004


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