EDIT Thanks a lot to Cole for helping me fix the links in Mozilla.

February 27th to…March 14…I’m sorry. Really. I’m awfully neglecting this site. In case you haven’t noticed, I now have smilies šŸ˜€ Credits for them are given on the right page, where the navigation is. The right page being the page on the right, not the opposite of the wrong page.

Well, about Maxime now… Really. He told me that it was alright as long as I wasn’t following him everywhere, which I don’t…But well…he doesn’t talk to me anymore. Well, we’ll see what goes on…

I don’t really know what to do about the content anymore. I might put it up someday – the ‘you’ section…I might also change the layout…But I don’t like the one I had made anymore. It’s too simple. I want to try something original. Well, I don’t know what to blog about so I’ll stop boring you.

Julie had a headache @ 4:48 P.M. on March 14th 2004


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