Love and White Day

I just realized I had written 2003 since the beginning of this years *blushes* This means that my visitors thought I hadn’t updated in a year…

Today was White Day in school. I went ice-fishing with three of my friends. The other one suddenly felt sick this morning. *rolls eyes* It was really fun. I could – almost – have had a fish to bring home but it was quite small so we sent it back into the water. I put it there myself and the water was so damn cold! I still felt the cold in my fingers an hour later.

I feel weird. I asked Maxime out. He said he had met this girl in a nearby town and that he wanted to see what happened. My ass. The girl exists, but yesterday my ‘confident’ told me he – Maxime – felt like I was following him everywhere and always trying to be with him. WHAT THE FUCK?! I’m barely ever around him. Of course, we’re in the same class but that’s not my fault. Since I did that huge ass mistake, he never seems to realize I’m there. Before, we were joking around and all, but now he suddenly hates me. After school, D. came to school to see friends and such. I was so shocked – not scandalized. I felt strange. He is so beautiful! I want to talk with him again. Just as a friend, not as a crush.

I haven’t worked on the content for this website in a while. I’m in the process of making new fanlisting networks :D. I also put my fanlistings back online. Next week is school-free *dances around* so I should have some time to update.


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