Finally An Update

Finally an update…The layout update you see below is for the X-Men layout. As I have moved, all files should be there. I still have to work on the ‘you’ section but I’m too much of a lazyass ë (<- my new weirdo smilie). I have to (re)join over 1200 fanlistings, poor me ô (another smilie of mine :D).

I’m just back from school. It was the Week of Teachers, so we gave them lunch boxes as a gift. Some students were doing a little speech about a certain teacher. One of these, a girl who has very few friends and is often bullied, was extremely nervous. She asked one of the other students to say her text, but they refused. When she was ahead of everyone, she was saying one syllable at a time, begging a lot. Many students were making fun or her. What’s so funny in someone who is nervous? WTF if she’s shy? *l0L +h4+5 50 f0nny!* *kicks the laughers’ asses*

I haven’t really done anything important today. Just a normal, but funny school day. Every year, graduates in my school make a funny show made from a bunch of sketches. We are currently writing a very funny one 😀 I love it! I’m also going to sing – the boys of my group are going to play the music. It’s a song called ‘Seven Nation Army’, but I don’t know what band sings it 😉

There has been shit at Nova. Leave it. Go to Avon! Read
this (it’s not MY lj) to know more about what happened exactly. Some threads on Avon might also help you understand.

Lisa has a new host. Trish‘s domain has a gorgeous layout, as layout 😀 Her personal site is also beautiful. I am in the process of making a fanlistings network, but I won’t tell you more at the moment :


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